How our email preview system works...
Request the preview by sending us an email with a list of the titles you’d like to view.
BE SURE to include your full organization name, address, phone and fax numbers. We will reply with links to the previews. Click on the links and you will be able to preview the selected videos right on your computer screen! You can also forward the preview email to other colleagues for second opinions.When you have completed your evaluation, we would appreciate a call or an email to let us know that you are finished and hear any comments you have on the quality of your preview and how this type of previewing worked for you. Thank you and enjoy!

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Do you have Microsoft Windows Media Player installed?

In order to run the previews, you need MICROSOFT MEDIA WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER. If you do not have it or you are not sure whether you have it or not, please click here or on the logo below to download...

Kinetic Online Video previews are designed for Broadband Intenet

Kinetic Video Previews are designed for users who have access to a High bandwidth connection such as T1, DSL or Cable modem. You can view it with a slow connection but you would experience delays or breaks in the viewing of our streamed videos.

If clicking on the preview link does nothing...

Contact your network administrator and verify that your network firewall/router allows for streaming media.

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