EXTREME CONSEQUENCES: The Reality of Prison Life

"This is a great program. I would recommend it for any youth who is having trouble in school or in the community. I would also recommend it for the young person’s parents, teachers, friends and psychiatrist. The information is important for all of us."
Jeffery Rowe, M.D. Supervising Psychiatrist, Children’s Mental Health Services, County of San Diego

"Extreme Consequences" is must see viewing...These are voices that need to be heard...they are the voices of warning, voices of despair, voices of remorse and insight, AND voices of hope inspiring youth in trouble to find healthier, more productive ways to live."
Kate Crisp, Executive Director, Prison Dharma Network, author of "Path to Freedom: Integral Peacemaker Training for Incarcerated Youth"

Aimed at keeping kids out of the penal system, this program tackles the subjects of making choices and understanding consequences, while addressing the underlying hurt and anger that all at-risk youth experience. Provides real insights from inmates about the path they took to prison and the reality they face everyday inside. These men eloquently tell their stories and offer genuine and meaningful advice to youth struggling to make positive choices in challenging times. The program is a valuable resource for at risk youth programs as well as training and education for people working with incarcerated juveniles and adults.

*Includes PDF Guide

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