It is certainly a treat to see one of the most bold and influential psychotherapists of our generation in an actual therapy session. Watch Albert Ellis demonstrate his signature style: confrontative, headstrong and steadfastly rational - and remarkably effective in just one session.

Learn to use Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy by watching the originator of the method in a therapy session with Roseanne, whose husband committed suicide in front of her and her baby daughter ten years ago. Ellis immediately points out how Roseanne uses the irrational beliefs of "condemnation" and "demandingness" to keep upsetting herself about the horrible event. Using REBT techniques, he helps Roseanne separate herself from her actions, reframing her belief that "I did a rotten thing/that makes me a bad person" to "I did a rotten thing/that means I made a mistake, but I am not a bad person." You'll be impressed at how quickly Ellis's reframes take root in Roseanne, as she repeats Ellis's teachings in her own words and from her own heart.

By watching this video, you'll be able to:
*Utilize REBT techniques, including defining goals, offering hypotheses about irrational beliefs and new emotions, and disputing inferences.
*Teach clients the definition of a rational belief, an irrational belief and the REBT philosophy on human growth.
*Integrate Ellis's use of confrontation, repetition and rational explanation in your own therapy work with clients.

Includes Instructor's Manual and English subtitles for hearing impaired

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