GANGS: IT'S YOUR LIFE (3 Programs)

"The best video for gang prevention I have seen. Very real and accurate information." Capt. E. Maes, Gang Unit, Denver County Jail

Through revealing interviews with gang members and unflinching images of gang life, this best selling program provides a hard-hitting introduction to the realities for young viewers who may have only been exposed to a media fantasy.

In three 20-minute segments, GANGS: It's Your Life examines the complex reasons why youth join gangs, the frequently unforeseen and tragic consequences of gang activity, and the ways in which young people can find viable alternatives and make more positive choices.

Part I, Understanding Gang Life explores the many reasons youth are attracted to gang life, vividly demonstrating the journey from the fantasy of joining the gang to the nightmare of trying to get out.
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Part II, Consequences of Gang Life portrays the hidden consequences of gang involvement: fear, violence, trauma, abuse, manipulation, addiction, prison, death, and tragedy for loved ones.
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Part III, Alternatives to Gangs discusses the feelings of anger and hurt that underlie much of the negative behavior of at risk youth and outlines programs and approaches that are constructive and viable alternatives to gang membership.
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*Three programs on one DVD with Workbook

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