Watch Dr. Philip Guerin masterfully conducting a live family therapy session, followed by an illuminating discussion about his innovative and sophisticated approach to Bowenian Family Therapy.

Pam is a 32-year-old woman who lives at home with her parents, Adrian and Judy, and doesn't have many friends. She clearly has some sort of developmental disability, but Adrian and Judy don't understand why Pam is so angry and uncommunicative. In fact, Pam says she doesn't even understand why she behaves the way she does. In this live family therapy session, Dr. Guerin helps this befuddled family gain more understanding and clarity, while shining a light on the underlying anger, fear, and sadness that reside beneath the surface not only in Pam, but in her parents as well.

In this video, Philip Guerin skillfully demonstrates ways to engage a closed family system, while highlighting several key principles of Bowenian therapy, including: establishing therapeutic safety and connection with each family member; lowering anxiety; utilizing process questions; neutralizing dysfunctional triangles in the family system; and offering relationship experiments.

By watching this video, you will:
* Learn the theoretical components of Bowenian Family Therapy.
* Identify specific techniques and interventions characteristic of Bowenian Family Therapy.
* Observe how a clinician employing a Bowenian Therapy approach conducts an initial family therapy session.

As noted above, Pam clearly has some sort of developmental disability, although it is unclear what the nature of her deficit is. But it is quite striking to notice how Guerin finds a way to engage her as a full adult member of the family, not talking down to her in any way, and in doing so provides effective modeling for the parents. Note that this is the same family as in the video Structural Family Therapy featuring Harry Aponte, so it is interesting to contrast the styles of these two master therapists.

"I found the Guerin DVD to be a lovely piece of work demonstrating individuation and de-triangulation in this complex family system. Guerin demonstrates connectedness, directness and gentle humor as he untangles the knots in this family with a developmentally disabled daughter, while showing us how to respect when a family cannot yet open a taboo subject." Evan Imber-Black, PhD, Editor, Family Process; Director, Center for Families and Health

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