*Featuring Kenneth V. Hardy

Watch Integrative Family Therapy in action as Kenneth V. Hardy masterfully applies his holistic approach in an actual family therapy session with an African-American single mother and her teenage daughter.

The family is in a real crisis: Nineteen-year-old Erica was recently arrested and jailed for smashing her boyfriend's car window with a baseball bat, and her mother is understandably very concerned. Hardy creates a nonjudgmental space for both mother and daughter to tell their stories, while acknowledging the complexity of the situation by bringing the broader social context into the therapy room.

Always looking for the "pearls of functionality", this session is a beautiful example of how Hardy weaves together seemingly disparate views and facilitates a deeper intimacy between mother and daughter. The discussions before and after the session provide insight into Hardy's distinctive style as he illuminates the key features of an Integrative approach, particularly how all behavior is best understood when considered within the context in which it is embedded.

* This institutional version includes an Instructor's Manual

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