PSYCHODRAMA UNMASKED: Essential Tools and Techniques

Ready to bring more vitality into your sessions? Psychodrama offers a wide array of action-oriented techniques that help clients get out of their heads and into their bodies, moving beyond what is possible in traditional talk therapy. This video offers a thorough introduction to the key concepts and methodology of psychodrama, and will prove useful not only for those who facilitate actual psychodramas, but also for more traditional therapists seeking tools and techniques to engage clients in new ways.

Calling on teachings from psychodrama’s founder, J.L. Moreno, master psychodramatist Tobi Klein offers an enriching learning experience by directing three live psychodramas while simultaneously teaching viewers the how-to’s. Her demonstrations and explanations highlight how compelling, cathartic, and effective this approach can be.

By watching this video, you will:
*Learn how to direct psychodramas that allow clients to have corrective emotional experiences and see their conflicts in a new light
*Understand the three stages and five personae core to Klein’s approach
*Identify several key psychodrama techniques, such as doubling and role-reversal

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