DISCOVERY TO RECOVERY: Science, Spirituality and 12-Step Facilitated Recovery

Prior to the onset of organizations such as the Oxford Group and Alcoholics Anonymous, most alcoholics died from their disease or its complications. Since 1935 over 200 research studies have provided evidence that millions have entered recovery utilizing 12-step programs. Over the past decades, a rigorous science of recovery has emerged. Some of this science comes from evidence based studies of the treatment of early life trauma in early recovery. The social sciences, spiritual disciplines (Christianity, Buddhism, etc.) and enhancement of health from meditation practices such as mindfulness merge seamlessly into the understanding of 12-Step facilitated recovery. Quantum physics and neuroscience, including scientific studies of spiritual states, neuroimaging of the brain, and studies of genetic influence on a person’s predisposition for addictive disorders also contribute. Completing the picture, research findings in neurobiology reveal how psychoactive drugs work within the brain to cause the many manifestations of addictive disorders.

This understanding has been intuitively realized by millions of alcoholics, addicts, clinicians, and others who have observed - sometimes against all odds - what can only be called the miracle of recovery. Now we can scientifically understand and treat much of what has in the past been relegated to anecdotal lore and mystery.

*Included in this presentation set are the PowerPoint presentations used by Dr. Cardwell Nuckols in his presentation.

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