Information about KINETIC VIDEO

KINETICVIDEO.COM – distributors of educational and training audio/visual resources to organizations and institutions in the health, social, addictions, business and educational fields since 1976. This includes colleges, universities, school boards and schools, hospitals, libraries, addiction, social and health organizations and all government departments.

OUR PRODUCERS AND SUPPLIERS are from all over the world. A list of whom we represent is available upon request. Even if we don’t have your producer/supplier on our list, contact us as chances are we can get it.

***Following please find information regarding our policies and procedures.

DUPLICATION Duplicating or copying of our titles by ANY means or for ANY reason is NOT permitted without our written permission.
PREVIEWS/CLIPS We no longer have full length PREVIEWS however on this website you will find CLIPS on many of our titles. And – upon your request – we would endeavour to get you previews from our suppliers should such be available.
PUBLIC PERFORMANCE All of our programs include public performance. When you purchase one of our titles it means you can lend or show it to anyone as long as you don’t charge admission. Should you wish to charge admission please contact us for written permission.
STREAMING Streaming is available on most all of our titles either hosted by your organization or our suppliers.
DVD Purchase DVD purchase is still an important part of our offerings.
SHIPPING Most orders are delivered within 2 to 3 weeks of ordering. The price is usually $18 for the first item and $3 for each piece thereafter however also depends on weight and number of items.
QUOTATIONS It is always best to ask for a QUOTE prior to purchase. Once we have your OK on the quote we will proceed with your order.
PAYMENT We accept VISA and MASTERCARD or you can pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or CHEQUE..
DEADLINES We can pretty much meet any deadline you have and/or can invoice you immediately.

CAN’T FIND A TITLE? OR PREFER TO ORDER FROM US INSTEAD OF A SOURCE OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY THAT YOU DON’T REGULARY DEAL WITH? We would be only too pleased to help. Just send us an email and let us know whatever information you have available. We can usually get any program you want.

*** We hope your journey into our website is a pleasant one and please feel free to make any suggestions you may have to offer us.